Here is an article that Paula Siegel, a wrote, published in the For Buyers section.  It explains what happens from an escrow officer's point of view.  Of course, the Buyers will be conducting inspections and working with their lender or mortgage broker to obtain financing, too.  This article describes the escrow process


 I took a break on Tuesday from Brokers' Tour, and found myself on Clement Street.  A quick lunch at Burma Super Star, one of my favorite restaurants in the city (although I don't get there very often any more) and a quick trip through Green Apple Books.  My lunch was terrific, and my visit to Green Apple was restorative.  I felt as if I was transported to another place.  A relaxedRead More

Wow, check out this amazing tour of San Francisco.  It is the brilliant work of Scott Weaver who spent countless hours building this amazing kinetic sculpture.
I love hearing the laughter and delight of the audience. I found this amazing video online.

Kudos to the artist, Scott Weaver, who has put over 30,000 hours of work into this sculpture over almost 35 years.  It's brilliantRead More

Megan and Lee Mokri bought their first home in Mill Valley.  So why is this news? They love living there.  And, they appreciate the service they got from Stacey and Jane.  Check out this video:


Five Essentials for Buying a Home or Condo. Click HERE to read more.

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone who lives in the Bay Area and has access to local news reports: The real estate market in San Francisco and all over the Bay Area continues to have rising sales prices caused by fierce demand, and multiple buyers bidding on almost every home or condo listed for sale.  Many homes sell significantly over their asking prices and median sales pricesRead More

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